NeoGAF Is Dead After Evilore Outted As Sexual Predator. Again.

In a single evening, the internet watched as popular gaming forum NeoGAF burned to the ground after site owner Tyler "Evilore" Malka was accused of sexual harassment in a Facebook post. Typically, I would like to wait for evidence to pop up before calling out Evilore but he called him self out years ago.

The site went from business as usual to completed dead before the night ended. All of the mods quit (rumored that it was fear for their privacy). The entire board became a beacon of free speech for once with everyone asking Evilore to leave, and posting what they truly thought without mod bullying. As of now, NeoGAF is offline and Evilore has yet to make a comment.

This isn't the first controversy this year with NeoGAF. Before all of this broke, ex-mod and charity fraud Amir0x was busted for child pornography. To make matters worse, the mods covered up and deleted any talk of Amir0x. Evilore claimed he didn't even know his real name, yet donated money to him for his mom's medical expenses (which were used for drugs).

It's uncertain what will happen with NeoGAF. It will never be the same if it continues. It hasn't been the same in a few years. I'm a long time member (going back to maybe 2007), but quit posting as much when they didn't allow discussion of controversial subjects. If you went into any of the "Tropes vs. Women" threads and argued against insufferable feminist Anita Sarkeesian's views, you were banned as being apart of gamer gate. Even if her videos were completely false. It didn't matter. The entire site became a circle jerk hive mind after the gamer gate controversy, and became less about discussing video games and more about politics in gaming.

Maybe someone will create something new, or NeoGAF will come back with new ownership? Or people will continue to just use other forums and forget about NeoGAF all together.

GT Sport Demo Available Now

Gran Turismo Sport's demo is now available. The cool thing about this demo is that progress will carry over to the final game when it's released on October 17th. Any cars unlocked and money (up to $1 million) will transfer over to the final game upon release.

For more information, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

Rockstar Tweets Out September 28, Red Dead Redemption 2 Info

Rockstar tweeted out "Thursday, September 28 11am ET" this morning in Red Dead Redemption's font and color scheme. All we know for sure is this is related to the popular wild west game.

With the reveal trailer under their belt for Red Dead Redemption 2, my wish is that this is related to a Red Dead Redemption remaster, something I wrote about during E3 last year as a rumor. But I'm just really port begging one of my favorite games.

I'm expecting more information on the story and for them to reveal the multiplayer, including gameplay modes and what we'll do in free roam. Grand Theft Auto V is incredibly successful due to it's multiplayer, so it's only natural to expect something big from Rockstar in terms of Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer.

Bungie Removes Gauntlet From Destiny 2 For KEK

This is going to be one of the most cringe-worthy stories in gaming history. Bungie decided to remove one of their gauntlets from Destiny 2 due to their art work being deemed offensive. The offensive art? Judge it for yourselves with the picture above.

Do you not see what's so offensive about this? Are you blind? It's obviously a reference to the Kekistan flag!

Bungie folded under pressure of unstable social justice warriors, a small minority of the gaming community, because they feared a backlash. Instead, it seems like the backlash is coming from the normal gamers who don't care about the plight of fictional hatred. From PC GamerKotakuPolygonGame Informer and the rest, they managed to virtue signal their dislike for the fictional religion of Kek and the fictional people of Kekistan. Most of the comments sections are full of gamers bashing the insanity of bending the knee over nothing. What's next? Banning the capitalization of the letter L because it could be 1/4th of a swastika?

Bungie, you might not want to write you "renounce" hate images in your tweets either.

This is modern game journalism. This is modern game developers. They want your money, but they want to insult your intelligence. You can extract what you want to see sometimes, and this is a perfect example.


Games Releasing This Month: September 2017

2017 has already been a solid year for gamers, and September isn't any different. The long-awaited sequel to one of the biggest games this generation is coming next week. No, we're not talking about Destiny 2. We're talking about Knack 2. Along with some sequels, PC and Xbox fans will finally get their hands on Cuphead.

Pre-Order: PlayStation 4

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Pre-Order: PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One

Pre-Order: 3DS

Pre-Order: PlayStation 4 | Xbox One

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Secret of Mana Remake Announced For Steam/PS4/Vita

Square-Enix's classic, Secret of Mana, is returning to in a 3D remake including new music and local multiplayer on Feburary 15, 2018 for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Yes, the Vita too.

This remake will still remain a top-down JRPG, but include modernized updates to help new comers jump on board such as voiced dialog, 3D graphics, reworked controls, reworked couch co-op, and a newly arranged soundtrack.

The SNES Classic Shows How Little Nintendo Cares About Their Fans

Nintendo doesn't think too much of their fans, and it's pretty obvious since they're purposely limiting supplies for the SNES Classic just to have them sell out. It was already bad enough when they did it with the NES Classic, but doing it again is inexcusable.

If you plan on getting one at this point, be prepared to shell out $300 on eBay unless Nintendo gets a heart and release more of these adorable little emulators.

Instead, they're limiting supplies on a product they know will sell. It gives them media attention and guarantees a sell-out thanks to scalpers. It's bad enough that scalpers have their hand in limiting the supplies to actual fans, but retailers were also holding the SNES Classic hostage with useless bundles. ThinkGeek decided to do what they do best and bundle a bunch of junk with the SNES Classic. Bundles that included extra controllers (you already get two with the system itself), books, and other junk. These bundles ranged up to $329.

Thanks, ThinkGeek!

Nintendo said this time they were going to have a higher inventory count for the SNES Classic. Maybe they did, but that's still inexcusable. People wanted the NES Classic and they screwed over their fans with an scarce supply. And now this disaster of a launch of the SNES Classic. What would be the problem with running a few batches until interest died down, Nintendo?

This isn't a new business strategy from the company. Nintendo has a decent history of limiting supplies. From console releases to Amiibos, Nintendo relies too heavily on limiting their supplies so they sell out. Unfortunately, gamers feed this business model. Having a few rare items in your collection is important to some.

I don't feel like Nintendo treats their fans with any respect. Their strategy to limit production on anything that may end up being popular in annoying. And sadly, Nintendo fanboys—the worst fanboys in the industry—defend these practices as if Nintendo cares about them. Which they don't.

Sony Still Refuses Cross-play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Sony has once again denied cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One after Microsoft announced cross-play for Minecraft between every platform except the PlayStation brand.

Eurogamer interviewed Jim Ryan about their reasoning behind blocking cross-play on the PS4. His excuse boiled down to their shareholders and "think of the children". It's a pretty lame excuse for PlayStation gamers since they've already done cross-play in the past with PC and Nintendo. In fact, the reason Final Fantasy XIV never released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One was because Microsoft wouldn't allow cross-play.

So what changed with Sony and their attitude with cross-play? They're on top, simple as that. It's a good business decision to not allow cross-play because if you want to play where "everyone is at", you should just get a PlayStation. It's the possibly the same reason Microsoft had this attitude about cross-play during the Xbox 360 generation.

One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all companies and companies are in this game to make money. PlayStation 4 is dominating the console market right now and it doesn't look like they're coming down anytime soon. With that in mind, they don't have a reason to do cross-play from a business standpoint and sadly, from a gamer's stance. If you look at multiplayer games, there's more gamers playing on the PlayStation 4 in most games than the Xbox One. Battlefield 1 is a good example of the difference between platforms with PlayStation 4 gamers doubling the amount of Xbox One gamers.

Microsoft's business standpoint is that cross-play makes up dead or dying servers in third-party games. If you bundle the PlayStation gamers into the mix, you are likely to fill servers up quicker. And if Sony was losing the great console war of this generation, the shoe would be on the other foot.

I'd love to see cross-play and hope happens sooner than later. But there's another big problem with cross-play currently and that's related to actually playing with friends. It sounds good on paper, but in practice for the most part, it's not happening. Rocket League doesn't allow cross-play with friends, only cross-play between consoles. In other words, I can't actually join my friends or play with them. It only allows me to match up with players from another console.

The only way cross-play will work with friends is going to be through a third party friend's list similar to Street Fighter V. To play with your PC friends, you have to sign into your Capcom account which has a completely separate friend's list. But really, I'd prefer to have that than no way to play cross platform with friends.

Update: This is exactly how Minecraft is going to act with Minecraft Realms. Users will have to link their account to an Xbox Live account before logging in. On top of that, you have to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft to cross-play. There's nothing from a business standpoint that is in favor of Sony doing cross-play with Minecraft.

Far Cry 5's Cover Reveal Causes Ctrl-Left Circlejerking

The Far Cry team unveiled the cover for the latest installment of their series, and there have already been assumptions made from the ctrl-left's spank bank. Some gaming journalists and extremely liberal gamers are praying that the game will be about killing redneck Republican Christians. That's totally acceptable and not a leftist's starter kit for fascism.

Where do these people—who are just barrels of fun at parties—come up with the idea that this game will be about redneck Republican Christians or KKK white supremacists? Because there's American flags, it's based in America, there's possibly a Holy Bible, there's a bunch of rural white people, they're posing as if it's the Last Supper painting, and the current political climate in America for the ctrl-left is everyone right of Stalin is literally Hitler. As far as what the game is about, no one actually knows so it's all speculation.

The real issue is that people extract what you put into something . They wanted to see Republicans, white supremacists, and Christians. But in all likelihood to follow the series from Far Cry 2 and so forth, the game will probably be about a cult similar to the Branch Davidians from Waco, Texas or the Jonestown Communists. In the previous entries of the series, you took on quests for scumbags and then finally conquered them with a militia of rebels.

But that hasn't stopped ctrl-left "everything's political" nut jobs from expressing their hope that they can finally kill some Jesus lovin' redneck Trump supporters.

Sorry. That would be President Trump.

You can start on this NeoGAF thread and work your way below for some examples on Twitter. Remember, this isn't just any group of liberals doing this or Democrats. These are the polar opposite ctrl-leftists who are just as annoying as the real alt-right hoping for death.

And just for giggles, here's popular feminist Anita Sarkeesian giving you an inside scoop on her knowledge of militias and their ties to white supremacy. Let's just ignore that militias are all over the world, not just in white dominant countries. And let's ignore that rebellious militias have been apart of the series since Far Cry 2. She knows that because she's a real gamer.

You can Google people's takes on the cover. Personally, I believe it won't be a big deal just like the controversy with Far Cry 4's cover. They're going after cults it looks like. I know Ubisoft has some huge teams with different backgrounds including Christians. The ctrl-left just want something bad to come from it so they can justify their hate. And when they say "white supremacists", they mean anyone who supports President Trump. I'll wait and pass judgement and hope it's a crazy David Koresh situation you're dealing with rather than a SJW piece.