Sony Still Refuses Cross-play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Sony has once again denied cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One after Microsoft announced cross-play for Minecraft between every platform except the PlayStation brand.

Eurogamer interviewed Jim Ryan about their reasoning behind blocking cross-play on the PS4. His excuse boiled down to their shareholders and "think of the children". It's a pretty lame excuse for PlayStation gamers since they've already done cross-play in the past with PC and Nintendo. In fact, the reason Final Fantasy XIV never released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One was because Microsoft wouldn't allow cross-play.

So what changed with Sony and their attitude with cross-play? They're on top, simple as that. It's a good business decision to not allow cross-play because if you want to play where "everyone is at", you should just get a PlayStation. It's the possibly the same reason Microsoft had this attitude about cross-play during the Xbox 360 generation.

One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all companies and companies are in this game to make money. PlayStation 4 is dominating the console market right now and it doesn't look like they're coming down anytime soon. With that in mind, they don't have a reason to do cross-play from a business standpoint and sadly, from a gamer's stance. If you look at multiplayer games, there's more gamers playing on the PlayStation 4 in most games than the Xbox One. Battlefield 1 is a good example of the difference between platforms with PlayStation 4 gamers doubling the amount of Xbox One gamers.

Microsoft's business standpoint is that cross-play makes up dead or dying servers in third-party games. If you bundle the PlayStation gamers into the mix, you are likely to fill servers up quicker. And if Sony was losing the great console war of this generation, the shoe would be on the other foot.

I'd love to see cross-play and hope happens sooner than later. But there's another big problem with cross-play currently and that's related to actually playing with friends. It sounds good on paper, but in practice for the most part, it's not happening. Rocket League doesn't allow cross-play with friends, only cross-play between consoles. In other words, I can't actually join my friends or play with them. It only allows me to match up with players from another console.

The only way cross-play will work with friends is going to be through a third party friend's list similar to Street Fighter V. To play with your PC friends, you have to sign into your Capcom account which has a completely separate friend's list. But really, I'd prefer to have that than no way to play cross platform with friends.

Update: This is exactly how Minecraft is going to act with Minecraft Realms. Users will have to link their account to an Xbox Live account before logging in. On top of that, you have to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft to cross-play. There's nothing from a business standpoint that is in favor of Sony doing cross-play with Minecraft.

Far Cry 5's Cover Reveal Causes Ctrl-Left Circlejerking

The Far Cry team unveiled the cover for the latest installment of their series, and there have already been assumptions made from the ctrl-left's spank bank. Some gaming journalists and extremely liberal gamers are praying that the game will be about killing redneck Republican Christians. That's totally acceptable and not a leftist's starter kit for fascism.

Where do these people—who are just barrels of fun at parties—come up with the idea that this game will be about redneck Republican Christians or KKK white supremacists? Because there's American flags, it's based in America, there's possibly a Holy Bible, there's a bunch of rural white people, they're posing as if it's the Last Supper painting, and the current political climate in America for the ctrl-left is everyone right of Stalin is literally Hitler. As far as what the game is about, no one actually knows so it's all speculation.

The real issue is that people extract what you put into something . They wanted to see Republicans, white supremacists, and Christians. But in all likelihood to follow the series from Far Cry 2 and so forth, the game will probably be about a cult similar to the Branch Davidians from Waco, Texas or the Jonestown Communists. In the previous entries of the series, you took on quests for scumbags and then finally conquered them with a militia of rebels.

But that hasn't stopped ctrl-left "everything's political" nut jobs from expressing their hope that they can finally kill some Jesus lovin' redneck Trump supporters.

Sorry. That would be President Trump.

You can start on this NeoGAF thread and work your way below for some examples on Twitter. Remember, this isn't just any group of liberals doing this or Democrats. These are the polar opposite ctrl-leftists who are just as annoying as the real alt-right hoping for death.

And just for giggles, here's popular feminist Anita Sarkeesian giving you an inside scoop on her knowledge of militias and their ties to white supremacy. Let's just ignore that militias are all over the world, not just in white dominant countries. And let's ignore that rebellious militias have been apart of the series since Far Cry 2. She knows that because she's a real gamer.

You can Google people's takes on the cover. Personally, I believe it won't be a big deal just like the controversy with Far Cry 4's cover. They're going after cults it looks like. I know Ubisoft has some huge teams with different backgrounds including Christians. The ctrl-left just want something bad to come from it so they can justify their hate. And when they say "white supremacists", they mean anyone who supports President Trump. I'll wait and pass judgement and hope it's a crazy David Koresh situation you're dealing with rather than a SJW piece.

LawBreakers Coming To PS4 Later This Year

Boss Key Production's LawBreakers is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year as a digital-only title. This is the first-person team based shooter from Unreal Tournament and Gears of War legend Cliff Bleszinski.

According to Bleszinski, the price of $29.99 is for everything. There's no season pass or pay-to-win schemes in the game. You pay and you play. If you need a run down of what this game is, here's CliffyB's snippet from the blog post:

The setting is the perfect backdrop for a super fast, omni-directional team-based FPS where we challenge players to get the hell off the ground. The floor is lava, bruh. It’s the skill-based competitive shooter made by shooter fans for shooter players that my team and I have always wanted to play. It honors the old and embraces the new. Old being the feeling of soaring through the air at mach-speed and rocket-jumping and such. The new as offering a variety of characters each with different movement abilities, multiple weapons, combos and more.
For example:
Our “healer” in LawBreakers can be an offensive powerhouse. In the hands of a skilled player, this role can simultaneously heal two teammates at once, all while lobbing grenades from high above like some flying human artillery cannon. Stuff like that is what LawBreakers is all about. Also we’ve added a few new things too, like being able to blind-fire behind you with any ranged weapon. Yep.

I've played LawBreakers on PC during a few betas (and luckily, they don't lock players down from talking about it via an NDA). It's a lot of fun with friends and nothing like Overwatch. It's more of the action of Unreal Tournament with hero characters. Yes, the characters have abilities and locked down weapons, but that's not truly unique to Overwatch anyway. The gameplay for it's main mode is capture the zone with a twist. The B zone has almost zero gravity so weapons and jumping feels a lot different.

And for the heck of it, here's a free theme on PS4.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia's Reverse Cover Is Amazing

This is just a quick post but I wanted to share the reverse cover for the latest Fire Emblem. They included a reverse cover that is too perfect. Even the gameplay art is nostalgic!
Thank you, Nintendo. This is the best reverse cover I've seen so far.

Edit: The limited edition is back up on Amazon if you missed it. Along with the new Amiibos.

Shadow Warrior 2 Getting A Limited Physical Release On PS4

Shadow Warrior 2 is getting a limited physical release and collector's edition from Special Reserve Games for PlayStation 4. Judging from their physical release of Strafe on PS4, Shadow Warrior 2 may include a Steam code with the purchase.

The collector's edition that came out for the PC physical release included a numbered box, soundtrack CD, 96-page art book and digital art book, vinyl stickers, the original 1997 copy of Shadow Warrior game as well as the recent remake, and all the DLC. It's a good guess that most of this will be included for the PS4's collector's edition.

While Shadow Warrior 2 has been out for a while on PC, it's first appearance on console is today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Destiny 2's Gameplay Reveal Is Highly Disappointing

One of my favorite games released the past few years has been Destiny. It was a bit rough in the beginning but through years of patching, tweaking and expansions, Bungie fixed it up into a terrific overall game. At least now there's more to do than just collect materials for trading. Destiny 2's gameplay has left me with pure disappointment. Maybe I was just too hopeful, but it doesn't look like anything more than a huge expansion pack.

If Bungie had told us that this was the latest expansion, no one would question it. That's because the graphics are mildy increased, the gameplay is the same, and a variation of the same classes: Warlock, Titan and Hunter. That doesn't mean it will be a bad game, but it certainly doesn't feel like a proper sequel to a huge game like Destiny.

There are new worlds to explore such as Nessus, Titan, and Io. Another zone they're introducing is cut content from Destiny called European Dead Zone.

Raids and Strikes are back, with the ability to invite randoms to a Raid, but only if you're in a Clan. Bungie was hyping up Clans as almost a new feature, but I've been in the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles clan since the launch of Destiny 1.

They did add a new Crucible mode named Countdown. No details on that yet. The only other new mode I've seen is called Lost Sectors, where you travel through dungeons to find rare loot after slaying a boss.

Speaking of Crucible, the Crucible is now limited to 4v4. Because less is more, right?

If you were expecting the game to run a little better on console since last generation systems are not holding it back, you're wrong. Destiny 2 on console will be capped at 30 frames per second. In 2017, a sequel to a game that's not graphically leap and bounds better, is going to be capped at 30 frames per second.


There is some good news if you're a PC gamer and were planning on checking this out. Destiny 2 is going to support 4K resolution, 21:9 ultra wide monitors, and it will have an uncapped framerate. That comes with another possible disappointment with the announcement this will be an exclusive on the Blizzard App (formerly App) meaning Steam is out of the question.

What a bad reveal for one of the most anticipated games of 2017.