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First off, thank you for visiting! We're under some major construction (still) and trying to work out some kinks of the site. There's not a ton of content yet as we're still getting everything up and running. It's hard to keep up with everything these days.

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Why the name Double D-Pads?
The co-creators of this site and (soon) podcast are DryvBy and DrYvOutCM. Originally, we came up with The Dry Report which was a parody of conservative news site Drudge Report. It was a disaster and a learning experience. I'm sure you can still find that podcast on Apple somewhere. It was really to test the waters.

Anywho, Double D-Pads comes from several different jokes. Our internet names both start with the letter D. There's two of us hince the Double D. Taking that, it's ridiculous to use two D-pads on a controller. So we went with it. The name sounded funny with a hint of sexual innuendo.

Who else is apart of this site and podcast?
Whomever I can grab from NeoGAF, Steam, personal friends or family that love video games. If you want to be apart of it, hit me up on Twitter!

Who are DryvBy and DrYvOutCM?
Until I get mini-profiles up, I'll let you get to know us via this portion of the site. DryvBy (who writes most of this junk) is just a gamer who likes writing about video games sometimes. But I'm always up on the news in this industry. I also buy way too many games and finish about 70% of them. DrYvOutCM (who edits the junk DryvBy "writes") is also gamer who samples games and then complains about them because I want everything to be different but the same but different. 

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