Sonic Origins Details Lock Content Behind Paywall

SEGA's Sonic Origins was announced a while back and it's finally coming to fruition, and as a slap in the face for some. Sonic Origins is a collection of the first three Master System/Genesis games with Knuckles and Sonic CD included. In theory, this would be a great idea if priced reasonable but SEGA does what Nintendo does.

Above is a shot of the current DLC pricing for the series. If you're wanting just for the core games, you're in luck but it's still not cheap at $39.99 USD for the standard edition. The digital deluxe is $44.99 USD which includes almost all of the other content minus the letterbox background DLC, mirror mode and some bonus coins.

To top this news, it looks like any chance of getting a physical copy is not happening unless Limited Run Games or Special Reserved Games gets the license to print.
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