Xbox's Phil Spencer Wants Cross-Platform Bans

Don Mattrick 2.0 Phil Spencer revealed to the New York Times he would like to see a cross-platform ban across platforms and networks. He admitted this was be a difficult task but hopes to see it someday. In other words, if you're banned from your Xbox account for whatever reason, you lose access to your PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam accounts or ability to play online. And if he can't get that, he hopes to see a ban list that will follow around his account to keep from playing with certain people.

What a nightmare and very dystopian thing to want. And what a flat out idiotic thing to want. It's further proof making a lot of money and being a head piece of a major company doesn't mean your ideas are good. Since I don't work for you, Phil, I don't have to kiss your butt like your co-workers. I can explain why your proposal is simply stupid and not well thought out.

Lets say you have an old Xbox account but don't care about Xbox. You don't even remember your login credentials anymore. A year later, someone hacks the account and starts charging up things on a stolen credit card. The account is banned. The One Network Society decides to ban you from your Steam account.

Or let's say you have your PlayStation account name as IHateTrump45 or LetsGoBrandon46 and PlayStation decides they don't like insults to a world leader. You're banned from their network for an offensive name. Now you can't load your Xbox and switch over there. But that can't happen, right?

Who would want any of this? And how would that system work in his fantasy land? I could just make a different name per platform, which a lot of people do (almost all of my friends use different names across platforms). They use different emails, I even do that. So, Phil, how would this stupid fantasy work in your perfect world?

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