Diablo II Resurrected DRM Requires Online Checks

According to user DoesItPlay1 on Twitter who checks DRM on games, Diablo II Resurrected requires a check-in with their servers to continue playing the game. If you're not in a situation where you can check-in, offline is even disabled making this another service games thanks to DRM.


Once again, software piracy will be the only way to preserve this remaster if you decide to play it after they shut down their servers unless they patch this kind of trash out of the game.

Diablo II's remaster has a lot of highs and some major blows to it, one being the removal of TCP/IP direct connects for people that prefer modding a game to play. It also doesn't have any crossplay support or console mouse and keyboard support. With this DRM, it's a total disgrace to preserving games for those who enjoy revisiting games they paid for.
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