PewDiePie's Racism Controversy: Or, How SJWs Ruin Everything

The newest Hitler in town.
Update: PewDiePie's response video. For context, read below this video:

You might have recently seen that YouTube sensation PewDiePie is under fire for being a Nazi racist. It seems that everyone who doesn't agree with regressive ctrl-left liberalism is a Nazi these days. So what exactly did PewDiePie do?

The controversy started when several left-leaning fake news websites began slandering PewDiePie by calling him a racist. This is a common tactic used by ctrl-left groups. In an older video, PewDiePie was making the point that people would be willing to do offensive things for money and fame. He gave the example of people holding up a sign with the statement "Death to All Jews, subscribe to keemstar." This is in the same vein of Sacha Baron Cohen's movie, BrĂ¼no, in which he convinces parents to allow their infants to dress as dead Jew babies and Hitler for money. Now in context this example he used is obviously not racist but a clearly a joke, but who needs context when you're ready to slander?

Here's PewDiePie's Jewish friend h3 explaining the entire situation:

Disney has pulled the plug on their sponsorship of PewDiePie due to the backlash of SJW mobs, who had figurative Molotov cocktails in hand ready stop the white supremacist Nazi PewDiePie. Ironically Walt Disney was accused of being an anti-Semite, which makes the entire SJW crusade even more ridiculous. But whatever. They've already branded PewDiePie a white supremacist Nazi, or believe he's normalizing them. The damage is done in their minds.

The problem I have with those who are self-proclaimed progressives is how backwards their logic is. They can't break away from their politics and grasp the idea that other people might not think like them. This was evident when an entire SJW lynch mob went after Palmer Luckey for donating his personal funds in support of memes promoting Donald Trump. It's evident however that their morals and tolerance are only for injustices they care about, such as the Gamer Gate controversies. You quickly learn being on most gaming websites that you can't ever disagree with the narrative. Let's also not forget the firing of Alison Rapp. SJW say she was fired because she's a woman who was targeted by internet bullies. In reality, she broke Nintendo's moonlighting rules for employment. Oh, and she sympathizes with child pornographers. But muh modern feminism!

Another major problem with regressives is their classic "That's different!" hypothetical stance. For example, you won't find the same people bashing PewDiePie calling for Trevor Noah of Comedy Central to be fired or lose sponsorship over this Tweet from 2009:

A lot of these stories go unchallenged because sometimes the only people who question the narrative are actual racists and white supremacists. If you voice agreement or support for an opinion espoused by those sorts of people, you are a automatically a horrible racist who wants to rape babies. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day. By no means do I support or even want to be associated with disgusting the neo-Nazi garbage movements. I also don't want to be associated with and have my hobby aligned with neo-Marxist garbage, which is equally bad.

I'm personally sick of the liberal echo chamber in tech and gaming media. The constant circle jerking of liberal opinion has pushed me away from several otherwise great websites related to video games and tech science. If you don't fall in line with the prevailing mindset of neo-liberalism, you are ostracized from your own hobby on the internet. And here we thought thoughtcrime was fiction.

The Double D-Pads isn't going to become a political website. We're not going to spin politics into every bit of gaming news out there, or extract completely nonevidential  politics from something innocent. But we're definitely going to take a more conservative, anti-SJW view on things that are related to gaming and politics when the time arises. If you're sick of SJW journalism, stick around. We didn't call ourselves the Double D-Pads to appease modern feminists.
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