Re-Install P.T. On Your PS4

P.T. is one of the best horror experiences in video game history and it's gone unless you've downloaded it in the past or do some shady business to your console. The other problem is even if you did save it to your PlayStation library, you no longer can download it.

But there is a work around for redownloading P.T. but it's going to require a few steps to get it done.

Originally this was posted on Tweak Town but some of the links are now dead so I'm going to reference their walkthrough with the updated links.

1. Download and install SUWI, marking all the options on install.
2. Download a proxy proxy IP checker to obtain your proxy IP address (there's other ways to do this too)
3. Once you have the Proxy IP address, go on your PS4 and go to the settings for Network, choose CUSTOM, then pick Auto until you see a screen about setting up a Proxy Server. Type in your PC's IP address in the address field and use port 808. Then finish.
4. Go into your PS4's library, scroll to P.T. in your library (not in the Store), and choose download.

That's it! And sadly, this doesn't work on PS5. The game isn't backwards compatible. 
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