Interstate 82 Has An M-Rated Secret

GameFaqs rejected this secret so I'll just share it here on my page.

The disappointing Interstate '82 (GOG has this for $5.99) has a hidden secret that no one has really ever talked about. The game is rated Teen but there's a way to make the language in the game explicit (including f-bombs) and it seems it was slipped by the ESRB at the time.

If you go into the folder "..\Interstate 82\Data\VO" and rename files that have the letter x to it's corresponding letter, you can enable a more M-rated experience. An example of this is as follows:

The T-rated .wav file is named "an020a04.wav" so delete it and rename the file "an020x04.wav" to "an020a04.wav".

Do this for every file you see the letter x in the file and your game will filled with sneaky profanity.

Back in the late 90s and early 00s, it was rarer to hear profanity like this in video games. Some games like Redneck Rampage actually had early forms of DLC that enabled more profanity known as the Cuss Pack. What makes Interstate '82 unique is on the disc was all the profanity and it slipped by the ESRB.

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