Games That Support Cross-Play (2021 Edition)

Cross-play, or cross-platform, is the way to go these days if you have friends or family on different gaming systems. I primarily play on PlayStation and PC, my dad and brother are on Xbox, and I have a few scattered friends on the Switch and PC. When cross-play first hit and we experienced it as a group, it was one of the best innovations to online gaming since consoles went online. But with that not ever game supports cross-play and finding complete lists are a bit tricky on the internet sometimes.

Below is a list of games that currently support cross-play and with which systems. I've organized them from full cross-play to minimum cross-play. If anything is missing, leave a comment below.

Full Cross-Play Support

These games support cross-play with the open arms and play nice between PC and consoles alike. These are the best kinds of multiplayer games. Each link title will have a link to their trailer so you can take a look at the game before you waste time buying or downloading anything.

This section is for games that have cross-play for every platform they're on (minus mobile).

Mostly Cross-Play

These games are cross-play with almost every platform but might be missing one or more platforms. The systems that are cross-play will be listed.

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