Why Is BLUE BOX Game Studios Teasing A PS5 Silent Hill?

It all started simple enough with a clearly cryptic puzzle tweet from a company called BLUE BOX Game Studios.

We know P.T. was abandoned. We know Kojima and Sony are pals. We know nothing of Blue Box Game Studios. Here's some of the puzzles you can tin foil yourself with that we've looked into.

1. They updated their YouTube banner to some foggy hills.

2. The company is teasing a trailer in real time to play, like a "Playable Teaser"

3. We know Kojima has said he's going to reveal something soon.

4. We know Kojima has been talking to horror icons for a new project.

5. BLUE BOX Game Studios seems like it doesn't actually exist outside of a weird Kickstarter years ago. Kojima similarly set up a fake company, Moby Dick Studios, for the reveal of Metal Gear Solid V. Remember Joakim?

6. BLUE BOX, kind of like the box color for a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 box?

7. Their teaser is called ABANDONED with footage that looks like Silent Hills/P.T. in the photo realism department.

8. Hasan Kahraman is the lead. As in H.D.. As in... Hideo Kojima?!

Even if this is false, the rumor mill is wild and this conspiracy is a blast to play along with.

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