The Best Ways to Buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X


Purchasing a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X has been a total disaster for gamers the past 6 months. Stock has been limited, stores can't keep them on the shelves, and then you're contending with scalpers. On top of that, we have Covid-19 limiting everyone's ability to even make the machines fast enough. The current situation isn't ideal for anyone but there's a few potential solutions to get your hands on one without paying scalper prices. These are methods that we've used to get our hands on units in the past few months.

Method One: Use Twitter

Using Twitter is annoying because of all of the crazy radicals on there and bots, but we've been pretty successful obtaining a unit or several from there. If you ignore all other users, there's a particular person that's great to follow and enable notification bells to have a million deals blasted at you all day long.


There's a couple of others but if you're paying attention throughout the day, you'll end up getting in line to secure a system quicker. The only problem with his account today versus 5 months ago is there's a lot more people following him now which makes it harder for others to get in on a deal before anyone else.

But if you're going to setup a Twitter account, you can also follow us here.

Method Two: Sit On Store Pages, Refreshing

This is a lot more time consuming but these systems usually pop up once per day. Walmart seems to be the key to victory here as they always get stock and time it. So you'll probably have the best luck there.

Every now and again, Sony's Direct Store has a queue ready to go so if you start seeing them pop anywhere, just check out the links below. The same goes for Microsoft's store with their direct links.

Method Three: Join a Discord Channel or Community

We have a Discord channel. Your friends are on Discord. All gamers are practically there with unique channels. It shouldn't take too long on different game community sites to find a way to keep yourself updated. Like Twitter, Discord is a bunch of users sharing information on chat rooms and it's quicker than waiting on a mainstream game site to post the links. By the time they get there, those systems are gone!

I recommend surfing for channels in a community like NeoGAF (don't worry, they're not longer a bunch of horrible human beings as those people went over to some kind of neo-ultra-communist Great Reset website). Or use a couple of subreddits to find updates or servers to join.

Good luck!

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