Clickbait! Fortnite's Trump and Biden Fight Covid-19 Boss In Doom Using Stimulus Checks

Aren't you sick of clickbait titles that use misinformation to generate clicks? Recently on DualShockers, they managed to pull a sneaky claiming Chun-Li was from Fortnite in way that she's known for Fortnite. Any gamer should know Chun-Li is from the Street Fighter series. She's one of they key pillars to the series along with Guile, Blanka and all of the other cast from the movie that made the game popular. And who didn't make her do a spinning bird kick in Street Fighter II and pause when her bubble butt was in full view? Or maybe that last part was just my friends and me.

Rachael Fiddis' article isn't new to clickbait. But it shows why clickbait is so very vital to a website's financials. We all hate and mock them, but your average person is going to click the article if it's a good enough headline especially kids and old people. And if it has anything remotely attractive in their banner be it a person or dollar bills. As shown below, DualShockers hit the attractive female with the great incorrect headline with an article that seems to only be there to promote clicks from the more randy clickers. Chun-Li as a cosplay costume has been around since the dawn of the 90s.

And this isn't to rag on DualShockers. They've got to eat too. Almost every website does this sort of thing. Which major news network doesn't promote misleading click bait headlines? Some even go as far as lying the entire article to promote clicks only to retract the entire article months later like the Washington Posts' big 2020 article. So we're announcing here at Double D-Pads that we will be promoting useless click bait with articles that have nothing to do with the ridiculous headlines!

Today's article isn't even a real article. It's just a great Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode featuring Touch of Satan.

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