Update from Double D-Pads

It's been difficult to keep a schedule the last couple of years if you couldn't tell. But we're coming back with a bit of a change. We were previously posting gaming news, gaming deals and game reviews and that's all fine. But with the limited time we have, we're changing the content we put out.

We're removing 99% of any focus on real gaming news. That market is immensely overcrowded and who are we? My passion is comedy and video games so unless there's something I want to rant about in the video game world, I'll bring my flavor of news satire to the site. Reviews and gaming deals will still be a thing and time given, we'll try to keep going with monthly and yearly announcements of upcoming games. So expect some fake news stories as we make fun of everyone.

Another change we'll be making is how we structure reviews. Remember GamePro? Of course you do. We're going to have a system that splits up the review into sections for graphics, sounds and music, gameplay and controls, story, and most importantly if the game is fun. We'll still use the 5 D-Pad scoring system but sometime this year, we'll implement more of that GamePro look with stupid heads exploding from excitement to dying of boredom for each category for a quick and lazy look into the review.

There's still no podcast but we're slowly working on coming up with one to discuss some news and video game we've played. Or maybe games we want.

Yours truly,
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