Quake II Mod Provides Path-Tracing (Ray-Tracing) For RTX Cards

Quake II came out in 1997 but is still getting love from the community. A newly released mod simply known as Q2VKPT gives Quake II an amazing new look with path-tracing and it looks phenomenal if you have the hardware to do so.

It's not perfect on Quake's aging hardware but with a simple mod that isn't changing a lot of assets, it manages to pull of an astonishing look on a graphics engine that's a couple of decades old now.

It'll be interesting what other games are modded with ray-tracing capabilities in the future as well to breath a fresh new look onto an aging game. Here's hoping we get this for Half-Life since Half-Life 3 doesn't look like it's coming out anytime soon.

If you're interested in trying this out yourself, head over to their website and give it a shot.

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