P.T. 1.01 Patch May Kill Your Downloaded Copy (Update: It's A Hoax)

P.T. is the only thing we'll ever get from the Hideo Kojima Silent Hill project. It was a playable teaser that was launched a few years ago and scared the living heck out of players. After the fallout between Kojima and Konami, P.T. was pulled from the PlayStation Store and was unobtainable to download even though it shows in a user's digital library.

Not too longer after the demo was pulled, hackers found a proxy trick to enable you to download the game again as long as you downloaded the demo before it was pulled. While P.T. was dead, it was given new life and everyone was happy. That is until recently, when a mysterious 1.01 patch hit. According to Reddit user PopulousTrichocarpa, a patch hit their copy of P.T. and they're unable to play the game as it's now locked. Other users don't have access to this patch, but it serves as a warning that Konami may be putting the kill switch in place to stop gamers from enjoying this masterpiece of a horror game.

A recommendation would be to keep your PlayStation 4 from downloading any patches automatically. I suspect if they're doing this, Konami may suspend the license completely and remove any renewal of that license causing the game to die off without any patches.

Games as a service and the digital age of gaming is really neat, huh?
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