Yakuza 6's Demo Can Still Be Downloaded

For those who missed the chance to download Yakuza 6's "demo"—which turned out to the be full version game—there might still be hope for you yet.

Please note: you're completely out of luck if you never purchased the demo's license from the store and if you never attempted to download the demo at all (and it's too late if you didn't attempt since the demo is removed from user's libraries). This glitch requires you to have a Yakuza 6: Prologue "Cannot download" error message in your PlayStation 4 notifications screen. If you have that error message, simply click Options on your controller and resume the download.
While this glitch is fine, it's still recommended that you buy the full version when it's released. SEGA has given up on the West with this series in the past after Yakuza: Dead Souls and shocked fans like myself when they decided to bring Yakuza 5 to the US in digital format on PS3. SEGA and Yakuza developers have been kind to us.

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