Bungie Removes Gauntlet From Destiny 2 For KEK

This is going to be one of the most cringe-worthy stories in gaming history. Bungie decided to remove one of their gauntlets from Destiny 2 due to their art work being deemed offensive. The offensive art? Judge it for yourselves with the picture above.

Do you not see what's so offensive about this? Are you blind? It's obviously a reference to the Kekistan flag!

Bungie folded under pressure of unstable social justice warriors, a small minority of the gaming community, because they feared a backlash. Instead, it seems like the backlash is coming from the normal gamers who don't care about the plight of fictional hatred. From PC GamerKotakuPolygonGame Informer and the rest, they managed to virtue signal their dislike for the fictional religion of Kek and the fictional people of Kekistan. Most of the comments sections are full of gamers bashing the insanity of bending the knee over nothing. What's next? Banning the capitalization of the letter L because it could be 1/4th of a swastika?

Bungie, you might not want to write you "renounce" hate images in your tweets either.

This is modern game journalism. This is modern game developers. They want your money, but they want to insult your intelligence. You can extract what you want to see sometimes, and this is a perfect example.


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