Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Having A Bad Week: Animation Laughs And Racist Tweets

If you haven't been paying attention, Mass Effect: Andromeda has received some very unwanted attention after players tried the game early on EA Access. Several players have pointed out that the facial expressions—as well as several glitchy walking animations—are less than flattering for a big budget AAA game. And to ice the cake, BioWare is not fixing these awful animations day one like some expected.

The animations look like an inexperienced amateur was hired onto BioWare to take control over facial animations, as well as some of the walking animations. The Ralph Retort states that this is the case, when a celebrity cosplayer was given the job even though she lacked any experience.

BioWare has issued a statement which asserts that a former EA employee has been harassed due to the animation disaster. It's unknown what kind of harassment the internet has delivered to the former employee. I don't put it past people on the internet to say mean things since it's the internet, but some users on social media have a theory that this is a ruse to keep attention on GamerGate rather than why they let such bad animations slide.

Ethan Ralph doubled down on his claim that a cosplayer was in charge of animations, showing several posts the cosplayer claiming to be the lead animator. Either this person is lying, or BioWare is being very deceitful over the whole thing.

On top of the animation disaster, another PR issue has hit the net regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda. One of their designers Manveer Heir had some bigoted opinions about white people that has caused yet another upset tied to the game.

While BioWare's general manager Aaryn Flynn commented that Manveer Heir is no longer with BioWare, he still did work on the game. These tweets happened during production of the game, but at least he wasn't in charge of the story. Still the problem remains that under the guise of our political correct culture, we ignore glaring racism towards white people because political correctness states it's not possible to be racist towards white people.
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