The Crew Is Now Free On PC

The Crew: it's a fun co-op driving game and a bad racing game all-in-one.
If you've been unaware, Ubisoft has been giving away a game a month to promote their Uplay app. If you don't mind having another gaming client on your system, you can get some decently good free games and then you get games like The Crew.

I finished this game a month ago on the PlayStation 4 and I've started a review several times without knowing where to begin. It's worth playing if you just want to see the map and experience the United States in a condensed form. It's a huge map. It takes a good hour+ in a fast car to get from one corner to the other. But as far as an actual racing game, it's not that great of a game.

But it's free and that's not a bad deal for any game. Maybe this freebie will inspire me to finish up my review. 
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