Stardew Valley Now Has Multiplayer Thanks to a Mod

When I finished Harvest Moon for the 3rd time on the Super Nintendo back in the '90s, having some sort of co-op feature was on my most wanted list for a future update. Stardew Valley—one of my personal game of the year contenders so far—released with the promise of an online co-op mod, which is still officially coming out via patch 1.1.

Luckily Stardew Valley has an incredible mod community that has made their own co-op mode for the game called Makeshift Multiplayer. In the mod, you're joining a friend's farm with your own inventory and skills while sharing game progress and wallet. It's buggy and not perfect, but the functionality of it is a great start.

How to Install Stardew Valley's Co-op Mod:

Both parties need to have the mod installed and the Stardew Valley Modding API (SMAPI) for this to work. You'll also need to be on the same network (or a VPN like Hamachi) and make sure you have port 24644 opened so you can connect to each other.

Once you install SMAPI into the root directory of Stardew Valley (example: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley"), you'll want to place the Makeshift Multiplayer mod contents into the "Mods" folder that was created by SMAPI. You should see a "StardewModdingAPI.exe" that you'll want to load and launch Stardew Valley from.

The host will want to start a new character or load a save and make sure to select "Yes" on the pop-up. You'll want to have patience as it'll look like it's crashed the game, but it's fine. For the other players, once the host is finished and then either start a new character or load a save. Clients will need to press "No" on the pop-up for the IP pop-up window to appear. Type in the host's IP.

Happy farming!
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  1. With the mod version we will able to get extra features. Even we can purchase any types of paid items for free...