PS4 4.0 System Firmware Adding Folders, Trophy Improvements, and More

Sony unveiled the upcoming features of the PlayStation 4's 4.0 firmware update and it's looking pretty sweet. Features include the ability to finally add folders for organization, Trophy improvements, UI refresh, and a few other tweaks. The 4.0 firmware beta—codenamed Shingen—is rolling out soon, so be on a lookout for that email if you signed up for it.

Folder Organization

If you have pretty extensive digital library, you're going to be pretty happy you can finally organize that mess. This feature has been on the PS Vita and PS3 for a while and has always been pretty useful for those with several games. And it's about time the PS4 is now going to have some sort of organization.

They've also organizing you're Games and Applications tab by removing a lot of the clutter surrounding it. The focus will be on games currently installed rather than the bundle of betas and demos you've participated in.

Trophy Improvements

You can now view your Trophy content offline, another feature which is available on PS Vita and PS3. Another feature is the ability to view what is behind those Hidden Trophies if you want. They're usually blocked to prevent spoilers in games.

They're also changing the icon used to display the rarity of a Trophy. They'll now be displayed in rarity form as a pyramid icon instead of 4 boxes.

User Profile Improvements

The look of user profiles are getting a pretty decent improvement. Trophy comparisons will be available right from someone's profile list by default. You can also add a profile background picture as shown below from Brad Douglas' profile:

UI Refresh

Some UI improvements are being made including new system backgrounds and a newer version of the What's New tab. Some of the system icons will be different and notifications will be in a smaller box, something much needed.

Quick Menu

Holding down the PS icon on your controller brings up a quick menu already. Now it's faster and doesn't take up the entire screen. Some other additions to the menu include quicker access to your party, groups, communities, online status of friends and more.

Share Menu

Similar to the quick menu but the most important feature is you can now upload 140 seconds of a game clip to Twitter rather than the 10 seconds before. Much needed and wanted!
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