No Man's Sky PC Performance Isn't Too Hot

No Man's Sky has launched on PC finally and it's having a bit of a rocky start. And by rocky, I mean "smashing a rock into your PC and then launching the game" type of start. It's allegedly a port of the PlayStation 4 version with some fancied up graphical settings.

And no, this game isn't running on a PlayStation 4 emulator like I've seen a couple of tin-foil hat wearing gamers claim.

But there's no doubt there's a problem with the PC version of No Man's Sky. Reddit, NeoGAF, Kotaku, Total Biscuit, Steam users, and more have all experienced some major headaches simply trying to launch the game. With this are a variety of fascinating conspiracy theories to why the game isn't working such as Sony has paid Hello Games to purposely sabotage their reputation and game on PC to make the PlayStation 4 look better.


But let's get down to what we do know and what we might be able to fix. Some users have reported a major improvement in stability and frame rate by making sure to check any options that enable 60 fps. Disabling V-Sync and running a borderless window-mode in full screen may also help with graphical hiccups. It's not silky smooth, but it's better than nothing.

If you're experiencing several problems and just don't want to deal with it, make sure you're using Steam's refund service if not for protest of the product, at least so you can make sure the game is working at a later date before you purchase it again. It sucks you'll have to wait longer, but money talks and that's the best consumer option you have until (and if) they work out all the kinks.
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