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When you think of Marvel, Deadpool isn’t the guy that first comes to mind for most. He’s not really the poster child for Marvel and I personally don’t know anyone who knows who he really is or has read his comics. But none of that really matters as Deadpool’s game manages to comically tell you who exactly he is and what he’s all about. The only problem is that you have to sit through some boring gameplay to get to know the man.
Be warned before even thinking about attempting this game: Deadpool is a crude superhero in every conceivable manner. You start out in Deadpool’s apartment looking around at all of his goodies. Step into his restroom to unleash the full fury of middle school pee, poop and penis jokes. While I certainly laughed at them all, some may find his humor to be scraping at the bottom of the barrel. And it doesn’t end there. Deadpool had plenty of misogynistic jokes to throw at you as well. In one mission, Deadpool has to be tricked to his next objective by telling him a half-naked fan girl is ahead. Certainly these jokes will offend, and that’s perfectly fine. Deadpool is very “teenage boy” in his mannerisms. He even outlines the mission (or script) using a crayon at the very start. So while the jokes are immature, they fit and never feel like they’re being rude just because they want to take a shot at someone. They’re there because that’s who Deadpool is.

It slices! It dices!
Deadpool is a funny comic book story wrapped in an extremely mediocre game. If you’re not watching a cutscene, you’re going to slice and dice your enemies with the assortment of weapons and combos. And that’s pretty much the entire game. There’s some basic platforming, but for most of the game you’re going to be smashing buttons and killing people. It would be different if there were more combos or a variety of enemies. But even then, it’s just not enough. This is not going to be a God of War meets Deadpool game. God of War at least has some puzzles and the platforming feels polished. No, Deadpool is just about shooting enemies and working up a combo. At least you have some entertaining cutscenes to watch in between the combat, right?
The combat is simply not fun. Your button mashing thumb will grow tired of spamming the same attacks over and over to win. This is broken up by the use of momentum abilities. The more combos you get (or tacos you eat), special abilities become available to you. This will allow you to pull off even more combos and almost insta-kill any normal baddies in your vicinity. But then all of that is ruined by the camera. We’ve been working with 3D cameras for over a decade now. Why does my camera still manage to kill me on a crucial platform jump?
♫-I wanna take you for a ride-♫
This isn’t going to be a graphic showcase either. It’s based on the same Unreal engine 3 we’ve been using since this console generation began. This isn’t to say the game looks horrible, because it doesn’t. But it’s not going to turn any heads either. There’s a theme of color in almost every level, and the 5-6 different enemies (excluding bosses and support characters) are just boring to look at. If there was something really exciting to look at other than floating paths and sewers, you’d probably ignore the bland gameplay. It’s just another mediocre feature in this game.
I do have to give Deadpool credit for keeping with the character, no matter how taboo his jokes are these days. And that they didn’t skip out on making sure the game is over the top gory. It’s nice to see developers be as creative as they want without worrying about the non-gaming public. They didn’t make a horrible game. I would certainly recommend at least playing through it for the laughs, but the gameplay is not going to save it for being looked back as a mediocre game.
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