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Have you ever wanted to run a shady cam website full of naughty ladies doing naughty things? Like take off her panties and fart on a cake? Or have you ever wanted to just make a ton of money off of finding naughty women to do what you want? Then does Steam have the game for you!
HunieCam Studio is an action adventure role-playing game in some sense. I mean, there’s people delivering hot and heavy action. There’s the adventure of going to the corner store to get some smokes for your nicotine addicted model. There’s role-playing because real people aren’t ever furry animals no matter how hard they try. If you needed to narrow down what this game is at it’s core, it’s just a pervy business simulator mixed with clicker/idle mechanics. Imagine if Cookie Clicker was in a red light district. That’s what HunieCam Studio is.
You start out picking your favorite model. Each time you pick a new model, you have to example her skills, her cost per hour (someone’s gotta pay these women!), her race, age, fans she’s  bringing with her, and if she drinks and smokes. And most importantly, her fetish style.
You see, in this seedy business, fetish is the most profitable. You have to have a girl with the attraction that the fans want to see. For my first model, I went with Nikki. Nikki’s features are “Huge Tits” and “Glasses”. And she looks like Ramona from Scott Pilgrim to the point I thought that was who I was picking.
Perfect pick for the Double D-Pads!
During your gameplay session, you’ll have a basic cam studio and photo studio. You gather fans by giving away free pictures on your site so they’ll be interested in the models you have. The more popular a model, the more she makes when she’s in front of the camera. The more popular she is, the more money she makes. It’s an investment!
Speaking of investments, you can invest your hard earned cash into various investments just like any clicker. You may want to have clicks gather more resources per click. Or have the computer auto-gather resources you’re too busy to click. There’s also investments to unlock the ability to expand your studios, generate more fans and cash, or just unlock more models.
Unlike most clickers, there’s a bit of business simulation that goes on. You’re not constantly generating money like a traditional clicker. You’re having to shift your girls around to various places to either relax, buy stuff, train, or make that cash. You’re going to need that cash because you have more investments to make.
You’ll eventually need to get more models to generate more cash. After a while, the game actually becomes a little stressful because of the micromanagement that takes place. While Nikki may be shaking it at the strip club, Tina and Rhonda are shaking it in front of the camera. Money and skills are dropping all over the place. You’re clicking faster and faster but you’re losing track of time. Time to pay the girls! Now you’re broke and these models aren’t working for free.
After a while of playing, you’ll unlock more shops and things to do. They all “play” the same, but they’re different things to see fly across the screen. One of them is a sex shop which will give your girls buffs or debuffs, or “detoxes”. Buffs include thing such as wearing cat ears for those furry fans out there. Detoxes will include nicotine patches so your girl won’t need to smoke a pack to keep her stress level down. But that’s what the cocaine is for right? (Yes, you need to supply these girls with drugs so they won’t remember their parent’s teaching them better.)
No, this cake isn't for making thick girls. This is for farting on!
At one point, I had my new girls doing corner store and liquor store runs to keep my girls happy. Without that delicious nicotine flavored cancer stick and the endless hard booze, they become a little down and out which attributes negatively to their stress meter. Luckily there’s a spa to get rid of all that anxiety and stress that comes from camming. Camming? Yes, camming. And stripping.
When you’re done farting on cakes, plugging your butt with objects, and letting the pups out for sunlight, you’ll finally get the ability to use promos. Promos increase the amount of fans you get for certain things. I advertised I had ebony chicks for some stupid reason. As you can see below, I’m not a good porn site manager.
What kind of kink is everyone into?
And then comes my favorite part: escorting. Escorting may endanger your girls, but it’s quick cash. You drag your model over to the escort and let her rock the world of some rich person. High risk is a quick return though.
Would I recommend this game? No. If you like pervy clickers however, this is the game that does all of that. Just keep your status as offline so you won’t have your friends message you a “LOL!” like mine did.
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