NeoGAF Is Dead After Evilore Outted As Sexual Predator. Again.

In a single evening, the internet watched as popular gaming forum NeoGAF burned to the ground after site owner Tyler "Evilore" Malka was accused of sexual harassment in a Facebook post. Typically, I would like to wait for evidence to pop up before calling out Evilore but he called him self out years ago.

The site went from business as usual to completed dead before the night ended. All of the mods quit (rumored that it was fear for their privacy). The entire board became a beacon of free speech for once with everyone asking Evilore to leave, and posting what they truly thought without mod bullying. As of now, NeoGAF is offline and Evilore has yet to make a comment.

This isn't the first controversy this year with NeoGAF. Before all of this broke, ex-mod and charity fraud Amir0x was busted for child pornography. To make matters worse, the mods covered up and deleted any talk of Amir0x. Evilore claimed he didn't even know his real name, yet donated money to him for his mom's medical expenses (which were used for drugs).

It's uncertain what will happen with NeoGAF. It will never be the same if it continues. It hasn't been the same in a few years. I'm a long time member (going back to maybe 2007), but quit posting as much when they didn't allow discussion of controversial subjects. If you went into any of the "Tropes vs. Women" threads and argued against insufferable feminist Anita Sarkeesian's views, you were banned as being apart of gamer gate. Even if her videos were completely false. It didn't matter. The entire site became a circle jerk hive mind after the gamer gate controversy, and became less about discussing video games and more about politics in gaming.

Maybe someone will create something new, or NeoGAF will come back with new ownership? Or people will continue to just use other forums and forget about NeoGAF all together.

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  1. Board not bored.

    Fuck Neogaf anyway.